Blood Moon Pack

Angels vs Demons, which side are you on?

Welcome to Blood Moon Pack

*Be warned, if you joined as a normal wolf you will be joining with risk of being hurt or killed. all mortal wolves must be omega. no exceptions!

"Help!" A voice calls out. "Help me!...somebody!!..." The voices echo through the dark creepy forest as it went on and on. There are red eyes on the top of the trees, in the bushes and everywhere you go. The cold wind brushes against your coat as you shiver a little. 

Then everything stops.

There are no sounds, no voices, and no wind as the forest become silent. You freeze and glance around nervously, backing up slowly hoping to escape to only bump into something hard yet soft. You scream loudly and turn around to find a pair of red eyes staring into your soul with a cold glare that makes you want to disappear. Panicking, you spin around and run off but you're stopped by another wolf. This time you see the wolf  has no pupils at all, it was all white like demons. You bend down on the ground cowardly, shaking with fear hoping this was just a dream. When you open your eyes, you find more eyes on you. Each eye coloring not being the eye color of normal wolves, you build up confidence as you asked, "W-Who A-Ar-are you people..?" 

Laughs echo through the forest as you shiver at the evil sounding cackles of the other wolves before looking at the ground, "I-I-I'm sorry if I am not suppose to ask..." the laughter stops then a soft, silky voice speaks out. 

"Why are you here in the land of Blood Moon Pack? You have traveled pretty far huh.." you glance up slowly and find a white wolf with bright red eyes staring at you with a cold expression. 

You stand up slowly before spitting out, "I..I came to join the pack. I am looking for a home to stay!!" Although you didn't mean to say it, it comes out before you can close your mouth to stop yourself. 

The she-wolf close her eye and smirks before speaking, "You want to join a pack full of demons..." She laughs a little and speaks, "... then welcome to the Blood Moon Pack, once you join you will never leave this pack, you swear your loyalty to me as you listen to my orders no matter what. My name is Beauty Reaper, Grand Alphess of this pack, let's go." She ordered before running off quickly without another word with others follows. You follow slowly behind, still scared from the experience wondering what adventure awaits ahead. 

Blood Moon Pack Staff

These are the Staff Members of BMP. Ask them any questions you might have.

Beauty Reaper

Grand Alpha Female
Beauty Reaper is the daughter of Lucifer, king of hell. she is cold, merciless, mean, aggressive and rude towards others due to the fact she have a pride in her. Her short-temper and hot head attitude makes the pack fear her and do what she wanted, but behind the mean, aggressive attitude covers a sweet, gentle caring she-wolf who always care for the pack even though she didn't show it.

Evelyn Lunette Micheals

Alpha Female
Evelyn Lunette Micheals is a trustworthy femme, but most likely will not trust you back. Due to this, she is arrogant, cocky, and sarcastic with her words. She tends to swear at people with her native tongue, foreign to others. Don't be offended, for she does this to everyone, even those who she is an ally to. She does have a soft side for the young, though. Her cunning ways with her words are not the only thing, for she is also a skilled combatant, and can slice through ones throat with ease in one blow.

Orion Sicario

Beta Male
Orion is ruthless and cold, and is perfectly willing to slaughter anything at the command of his superiors. As a contrast to his brutality, Orion generally behaves like a stereotypical aristocratic gentleman. Acting jovial and polite toward both allies and enemies. Orion's habit of casually talking to both friends and foes make him a disarming presence, which allows him to maintain dominance in any situation. However, for those he truly cares about, he is extremely calm, and often speaks softly to them. In a situation where he is threatened by others or he threatens others, his voice remains confident at all times.

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